Monday, August 8, 2011

Asher Roth at Legendary Studio 54 Saturday! Ecstatic Girls go wild!

Studio 54 at MGM Grand
welcomed rap sensation Asher Roth
for a special performance and night of partying on Saturday, Aug. 6.  

Fans swarmed the
red carpet as the “I Love College” singer arrived rocking a gray tee and red
Nike sneakers. The ever-gracious Roth posed for photos and mingled with fans
before making his way inside the illustrious nightclub. 

Roth ascended to
his exclusive
VIP table overlooking the lively crowd dancing to the
electric sounds of DJ Homicide.
The rapper surveyed the club below and threw his hands up in the air in
celebration of a fun-filled night. After toasting with friends, Roth was ready
to take the stage for a stellar performance unlike any other.  

DJ Wreckineyez warmed up the crowd,
taking it back to the old school with remixes of hits like the
Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” Roth and his entourage gathered
to the side of the stage nodding their heads to Wreckineyez’s bumping beats.  

At last, Roth took
to the stage and said, “What’s up, Vegas? My name is Asher Roth, and I just
want to have a little fun.” Roth then jumped into the crowd, and his fans went
wild cheering for the rap star. Back on stage, Roth kicked off his three-song
set with “She Don’t Wanna Man,” pulling ecstatic girls on stage and dancing
along side of them.  

Before his next
song, Roth looked out into the club and said, “All the wonderful [Studio 54]
dancers are doing a great job. Thank you very much.” The singer introduced one
of his new songs to the crowd, “Actin’ Up,” as fans continued to rush to the
stage vying for the chance to touch the rapper’s hand and snag a picture.  

Roth closed his
set by singing his hit single, “I Love College,” as the crowd cheered and sang
along, fist-pumping to his infamous lyrics. The rapper thanked the adoring
crowd and returned to his
VIP table to celebrate his smashing performance and party
the night away with friends and fans at Vegas’ most legendary nightclub.  

Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty

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