Monday, August 15, 2011

Binion's 60th Anniversary Party today! Hot dogs & Beer...60 cents!

 Binion’s Gambling Hall, one
Las Vegas’ longest operating casinos, will achieve another
milestone when the legendary property reaches its 60th anniversary.  Benny Binion opened the Horseshoe Club on
August 15, 1951 and went on with his family to revolutionize the ways in which
casinos operated, setting standards which are still abided by today.

Benny Binion introduced high
stakes gambling to
, setting
the craps limit at $500, ten times higher than any other casino in
Las Vegas, when The Horseshoe first opened.  He went on to raise the limit to $10,000 and
eventually eliminated the limit altogether at times.  Binion’s was the first place in Las Vegas to
offer free drinks to players, to pick up customers by limousine from the
airport, and to offer 10 times odds on craps. 
Plus, in an effort to keep the players cool and comfortable, Binion’s
was the first fully air conditioned casino, the first fully carpeted casino and
was home to the first electrically powered elevator.  Benny Binion hosted the first World Series of
Poker in 1970 at the property, laying the groundwork for the mega-events of

Today August 15, 2011,
Binion’s will offer guests a Nathan’s hot dog for sixty cents and a Miller Lite
draft beer for sixty cents for six hours between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. inside
Benny’s Bullpen Sports Bar and Cigar Lounge. 
If a customer brings a picture of himself/herself with the original
Binion’s $1 Million Display, the hot dog and the beer are free.

The original million dollar
display was introduced in 1954 by Joe W. Brown, revived by Benny Binion in 1964
where it remained in its famous Horseshoe case for 35 years.  The current owners, TLC Casino Enterprises,
reintroduced the display in 2008, with a new pyramid-of-cash design that sits
on top of a poker table.

In order to join Club
Binion’s and participate in the promotion you must be 21 years or older.  A complete set of rules is available at the
club desk. The $1 Million Display is located next to the Club Binion’s desk.
Pictures are free to guests 21 and over.

East Fremont Street
, Las Vegas, NV

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