Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Canadian Blogger Girl - Quote Of The Day

Sweet girls come from the South, Barbies come from California, but Canadian girls have fire and ice in their blood! We can drive in the snow, handle the cold, beat the heat, be a princess, throw a right hook, and drink with the boys! We can cook a wicked meal, and if we have an opinion, you can bet your sweet little ass you're gonna hear it!

Canadian Blogger Girl asked for questions a few posts back and I asked her what made her specifically a 'CANADIAN' girl. This was her answer.

I think she can proudly retain the title she created for herself. I like the references to 'fire and ice'. It's a neat way to view Canadian women because like us guys they are adaptable to constant changing conditions with both passion,stoicism and a sense of humor - and they wear sweaters in the colder months. I love the colder months.

Since Canadian Blogger Girl doesn't have a picture I decided to instead post a picture of one of the coolest Canadian girls that I know - Danielle from 'Story Of A Girl'. She's a 'bonnie dazzler' that one.

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