Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Casting for New Reality Show in Las Vegas!! Trailer Park Housewives!


the creators and producers of  reality TV
shows: Gigolos, The Gun Store, Goodfellas Bail Bonds, Gold Diggers and
Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas, Way Out, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop comes a brand
new brow-raising must-see reality television show set in none other than Las
Vegas, Nevada.

If you
live in
Las Vegas , are a married Housewife and live in a Trailer Park
or you are thinking about getting married and live at a Trailer Park…We want
you for a new hit Reality Television Show!

everything you thought you knew about civilization and forget it as the lives
of six special women and their entourage will show you how life is really lived
in this fascinatingly disturbing and amusing world of Trailer Park Housewives.

seen all the affluent, sexy, bitchy housewives from across the country, now
it’s time to meet the Real Women behind their men in a setting never before
revealed on television. Trailer Park Housewives will deliver the rowdy
rambunctious clans from the local area Mobile Home Trailer Parks in
Las Vegas .  The series
follows the lives of sexy blue collar housewives, who live a trailer park
lifestyle.  From a self-proclaimed “Queen
Bee” whose home is 3 feet longer than anyone else’s and doles out orders much
like a modern day “Lord of the Flies” to the innocent newbie trying to fit
in….there is a social hierarchy among this clan that rules supreme in the
Trailer Park setting.  If you lived here
you’d be home by now!

husbands or significant others should each have “Vegas” type jobs such as:
Realtor, bus driver, blackjack dealers, concierge, nightclub industry, zoo
keepers, be in the witness protection program, former or current mob family
members, been an extra on
CSI more than 5 times, an attorney, poker player, work at
a strip club or casino in any facet or spend way too much time there, a tram
operator or just your typical every day pimp who loves watching the show
Breaking Bad.  The somewhat gray areas of
the law that go on within the Trailer Parks fence reads like a combination of
CSI, Judge Judy, Pawn Stars and the 700 Club all
sprinkled together. A six-pack of beer, some video poker and a temporary
restraining order are quality entertainment in these houses on wheels...

In a 2
- 5 minute video, describe yourself, your life situation and what it’s like
living in a Trailer Park as a Housewife. You need to pop and show us why you
are a Trailer Park Housewife! We need to see personality, humor, seriousness
and frank honesty with your ability to communicate.  Looking for fun situations or just quirky
bizarre families is the type of content we would like to see from potential
participants in this new show.

DVD or VIDEO along with contact information: full name,
email address, age and phone number to:



 Or Snail Mail –   Attention “TPHW”

 9744 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 205

 Beverly Hills, CA   90212


you need is a video camera.

 Make a

sure you're lit up and in focus.

sure we can hear you clearly

 Try a
variety of locations and activities.

the camera is your friend!

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