Monday, August 22, 2011

Dennis Rodman inducted into Hall of Fame with party at Club Nikki!

Club Nikki at the all-new
Tropicana Las Vegas hotel and casino welcomed the Official Hall of Fame
Induction Party for basketball legend Dennis Rodman on
Saturday, August
20, 2011

Rodman was in a festive mood
and an even more festive outfit. He was decked out in dark denim jeans, a black
shimmering muscle shirt, a white and black patterned coat with faux fur, a
sequin cowboy hat with pheasant feathers, sunglasses and white slip on loafers.

Rodman was joined by a large
entourage. He was mobbed by well-wishers as soon as he hit the red carpet and
it continued in the club. Rodman made a point of walking through the crowd
talking to and taking pictures with fans.

His group enjoyed Veuve Clicquot
Champagne, Grey Goose Vodka and Jagermeister. Rodman was more
interested in enjoying a large cigar.

Rodman was greeted by Club
Nikki's Champagne Muse and the new burlesque dancers. He then joined DJ
Hollywood on the DJ platform leading the crowd in singing alongs.

Photo credits: Tom

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