Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fan of The Who's Tommy? New concert at Ovation with local rockers!

 The Who's TOMMY in Concert at
Ovation inside
Green Valley Ranch

Today at 8:00pm - August 30 at 10:00pm


When British rockers The Who
released their double-LP Tommy in 1969, rock and roll was changed forever. Pete
Townshend’s scorching rock opera told the loose story of a “deaf, dumb and
blind boy” who unwittingly becomes leader of a messianic movement.

The album’s release
introduced the now-classic songs Pinball Wizard and Acid Queen, among several
others. It was subsequently adapted as a star-studded film in 1975 and as a
Broadway production in 1993.

“This is the next step in the
progression,” says Troy Heard, director of The Who’s TOMMY in Concert, opening
in August at Green Valley Ranch. “We kept the narrative through line developed
for the Broadway production, while stripping away the theatrical elements and
taking it all back down into a rock concert form. The storytelling is still
key, though, and there’s enough here to excite both rock lovers and theatre
goers without alienating either.”

The cast is made up of
popular local rockers and theatre performers from around the valley. Jason
Andino, Sandra Huntsman, Brandon Nix, and Francesca Camus head an absolutely
stacked cast.

The Who’s TOMMY in Concert,
produced by RagTag Entertainment opens Tuesday, August 9, at the Ovation Room
in Green Valley Ranch. Tickets are $15, and available at all Station casino
locations, or online at www.stationcasinos.com.

Performances: 16, 23, and
30th 8

For more information, please
contact RagTagEnt@Yahoo.com or call 702 – 280 – 0481.

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