Friday, August 5, 2011

Portraits of Lips

Skill: Instead of a paintbrush, Ms Irish employs her rouged lips to create a portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Jackson Pollock painted with drips, while this young artist paints with her lips.
Natalie Irish of Houston, Texas paints by putting on lipstick, then pressing her lips against a blank canvas.

By varying the pressure of her kisses, as if titillating a lover, she can create large, nuanced images.

In a recent video she uploaded to YouTube (made by Chris O'Malley), Ms Irish creates a gorgeous portrait of icon Marilyn Monroe, solely with the use of her puckered lips.

Ms Irish told that she had learned how to paint pictures with thumbprints back in high school.

She said: 'I always got a good response from them, but because it had been done before by other artists, I never felt like it was "my own". 05 more images and video after the break...

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