Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bella - My Garage Cat

All summer our place has been visited by a sweet little cat named Bella. Yes, her name is Bella, the same name as a character in the beloved Twilight series of books and movies. How do I know her name? She is wearing a worn cat collar medallion with that name on it.

She is well taken care of. Clean ears and no scars. She is just a sweet cat who is let out during the day and goes home at night. Crossing the street to visit our garage is her job. I often would see her and The Admiral hanging out together. They don't fight at all or make meow noises at each other.

One day (after avoiding me for most of the summer) Bella let me pet her. This was a few days after the Admiral went missing. Later that day she crossed the road five times more to see if he was around. She was clearly worried like I was. He doesn't see very well anymore and I suspect she knew that about him.

After he had been gone a few weeks I stopped seeing her come around. I was dying inside thinking that something bad had happened to her too.

Then the Admiral came home.

Soon, there was Bella back in her spot in the garage. She lets me pets her all the time and now waits to see me in the morning so I can give her the bit of dried out wet food left that Fluffy Fussypants won't eat. It would just go in the garbage anyways. I go back after she has left to clean up anything she left as to not attract other animals.

I like to think that Fluffy survived all that time on his own by eating other cat's or dog's food, eating garbage, or the kindness of strangers. How can I not return the favor for another animal?

I think Bella may also be pregnant so I am stashing a box near her outfitted with packing paper and an old blanket. She can choose to have her kittens in there. I will be safe and warmer for her and the babies.

Then when the kittens are born I will find them good homes and get her fixed myself if I can't get her owner to do it. She will be so much more comfortable after that.

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