Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cheez Whiz - Food Of The Common Man

I just made me a sammich. The 'Miracle Whip' was packaged in a squeeze bottle but the 'Cheez Whiz' was not. This troubled me.

Everyone knows that once the contents of a jar of 'Whiz' starts running low, that it's such a bother to find something look enough to scoop out the remaining goodness.

Why not put 'Cheez Whiz' in a squeeze bottle like they do with ketchup? Why not make that the center of a campaign that introduced new flavors of 'Cheez Whiz' - like Chipotle?

I have also seen condiments where the packaging can be opened from either end. So much easier to use.

I don't want to do the research myself because I am too lazy today so if anyone knows if they do make 'Chees Whiz' in a squeeze bottle, please send the information my way.

Opps, seems like I was wrong. Never mind.

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