Friday, September 23, 2011

Chrante Deti

The following nine pictures are from a series of Czechoslovakian matchboxes from the 40's or 50's with a child-safety theme. To me, however, they look like they are just encouraging children to do stupid things...especially foreign kids that don't know that 'chrante deti' means 'look out stupid children'. Oddly enough, there's no pictures of a child using matches, whether to start fires or light mysterious cigarettes.

And I ask you...Are matches the appropriate venue to impart safety wisdom to children anyway? But more proof that the war really messed some people up.

This one is my favorite picture of the set...if a kid has got the guts to steal a ladder I think he would have better things to do with it than jump into the bailer. Did this kind of ladder/bailer accident happen alot in post war Czechoslovakia??

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