Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Design Work By A Goober Who Only Uses Basic Paint

Here at the 'Cave of Cool' we have a board of directors. Or at least I am considering creating one. People who have been longtime followers should be receiving emails.

These are the blogs I follow. They feed the pit of knowledge that can never truly ever be full and I will be highlighting a good number of them all week. Go check them out.

All part of our interest in continuing to promote the sites that give me the inspiration I need to push my talents into ares that are challenging and will be seen by a new new audience. (Cotton Blossom)

TS is trying to form is grass root political party comprised entirely of dinosaurs. I was goofing around today and did some unsolicited design idea work for him which is free to be rejected or picked apart. Not the final version at all. Just brainstorming with the team - because you can't run a campaign without a team.

I want to be one of the spin team. Or the FIXER. The guy without the law enforcement and gang connections. He knows where both the money and the bodies are buried. Car detailer by trade, he is vital to any modern political movement.

I only used the paint program because it is fast. Give me your point of view. Can't hurt my feelings. Take and improve on my design.

You can do all that over at The Non-Review.

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