Friday, September 16, 2011

Doctor Who/Cave of Cool Mash-Up

It's the express policy of the 'Cave of Cool' to make fun of Nazis whenever possible. Those were wacky times in the Wehrmacht.

I have been staring at this page all week. It fits perfectly with my idea of rescuing my alternate universe 'selves' from all the worlds where they are forced to be Nazis. Why not bring an army of alternate universe Amy's and Rory's with me? What do I care? I am the one riding the T-REX.

I love this page from Doctor Who (IDW) I need an artist to put my cartoon image on the back of the T-Rex so that it still looks good.

For example, photoshopping my actual face onto Rory's body will not work. I should look like I fit in. Anyone up for the challenge? If you can knock it out in a minute or so, I would appreciate the effort. I will try to do it myself but I am just a photoshop newbie.

Oh and if anyone wants their cat (or other pet) captioned I would be happy to put something together for you. First thing that pops into my head. Make your booboo kitty a STAR! No charge.

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