Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Faux Comic Covers Of The Week


And now, so you can spot the difference between great covers and colored crap put to paper I submit 'Hawk and Dove' #1 from the new DC Comics reboot.

All these years have passed and Rob Liefeld just never learned how to draw superhero figures which sucks for all of us because he found work in the comic book industry. This could be great but I will never look at it to judge for myself. Liefeld is dead to me.

Don't judge me unless you were there in the early 90s, man. It was crazy times, man. We were drunk on rebellion against the MAN - (not Stan the Man' because Stan Lee is awesome) but the real MAN who keeps all us brothers down.

So we backed those IMAGE boys and their break from Marvel. They were bold, brash, artist punks with a thing or two to tell all of US peasants about how to write and draw perfect comics - not all the dreck we had been reading up until that point the Golden Age to today (well to hear these egomaniacs tell it)

Liefeld was the poster boy for one of the biggest tsunamis to ever hit the comic book industry. Undeserving, Liefeld was swept up in a moment of popularity and struck gold at just the right moment.

What kind of retards were we comic collectors back then? No comics on the Internet back then, kids. You had to beg, borrow, buy or steal your comics back when I was a boy (okay, I was in my thirties but I am eternally young). This stuff was so new that you didn't want to be locked out of the fun.

We didn't know it but we wanted our heroes to be dark, damaged, gritty, grubby, stinky and wearing segmented battle armor with cloth pouches attached to opposing thighs and biceps. Nothing ever was shown on panel being REMOVED from these pouches but they were there anyways.

I should give Liefeld the tiniest bit of credit for actually drawing the feet of characters on this cover which is something he is not known for. In fact he is famous for the opposite.

Many people are excited about the new DC reboot. I am sure I will find gems in the 52 titles being released in this new cohesive, continuity free universe. In truth, however, I have seen it all before and I hate that my bad past experiences have taken some of the fun out of the read for me.

Here a few of the covers being released this month with the cover lettering removed so you can enjoy some of the gorgeous art. Liefeld created none of these.

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