Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Cal's Toybox - My Bishoujo Statues

I have seen these statues for awhile and I admire them very much. They really capture the sexy appeal of the superhero women I do love so very much. Plus they are quality PVC statues with beautiful paint jobs from Japan.

Here is what the 3 I have so far look like out of the box. I refuse to open them till I get a decent cabinet to display them in. These I look on as investments because they are those kinds of pieces and it's another sub genre of character collecting that I want to have more of.

I don't really like those half-busts that Bowen does in the same way that I don't like the Marvel Universe 3 3/4 inch figure line. Too small for me.

These statues, however are works of art. Thanks to Brother CS who made sure these got to me since shipping to Canada is akin to shipping to the moon for some of these US companies with Internet shopping components to them. I can buy the figures. I just want someone who takes care of me as a customer and knows what I like. I have a good guy in Montreal that gets me the good stuff.

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