Monday, September 5, 2011

Go Back To The Beginning He Said

With my 10,000th post coming up everything started to go wonky with my computer. I struggled to fix the problem and was frustrated at every turn. In the end there was only one thing to do - go back to the beginning. My Dad used to favor that solution when thinking through a problem - "Go back to the beginning. Think it through."

Coincidentally it's also a line in the 'Princess Bride' where Indigo is drunk and doesn't know what to do so he thinks what Vicini would do, he would "go back to the beginning. Vicini said go back to the beginning". We always got a laugh out of that part.

So I had to ditch it all, do a full factory restore - files and images wiped clean. So now I build again. Fortunately all my images in my blog which I am starting to go through 'from the beginning' to pick out my top 100 posts so I will see them again. Some images I will never see again. I didn't really check so who knows what I lost. Why doesn't that bother me more than it does right now?

Going through the archive from the beginning. Can't be ANYTHING other than wicked awesome. I love when I get to be ego maniacal about something like my blog. It's like it's a living entity. We held on during the storm and came out better on the other side WITH our missing cat.

This image was the first one on my Tumblr dashboard. Some things are just a sign from the Universe.

I am choosing to call this a victory for the time being.

Supergirl by Bryan Mon

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