Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Times Around The Cave

I was looking out for my happily returned kitty and I realized that he was not alone on the front step. About three feet from him was this girl cat who has always came across the road to check out our yard.

Sometimes she sleeps in our garage, up on the ledge near the window where the sun warms some old blankets. I leave some food out for her in the winter and for that she has allowed me to approach her and get some love. Her name is Bella and her tag is worn enough to know she is about as old as The Admiral. She is well cared for. Consider our garage her summer home.

The two of these cats encounter each other often but never hiss or fight or chase. They just get within about five feet from each other and sit there until something else interrupts them. They like to keep the crows away from the fence by just staring at those stupid birds.

On the first several mornings after my boy went missing she crossed back and forth across the street many times. I am convinced now that she was looking for him because my poor blind kitty had gotten himself lost beyond the boundaries of his world.

I have this idea in my head that she went out into the neighborhood to find him and bring him back and today she was just there to share some sun and check up on him for me. I will try to get a picture of her if she lets me get that close.

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