Monday, September 5, 2011

Haven't These Two Muppets Played These Characters Long Enough?

What value do these two puppet faced freaks have in this world? Photos like this one just enrage me to no end. Gaga may drop a few goose eggs attempting to be an 'artiste' but at least she's TRYING to be weird. That I can respect.

However, trying NOT to be weird and having it come off as even MORE weird is just creepy. Neither Mary Kate nor Ashley (who I don't care to tell the difference between) do NOTHING to disavow anyone of that notion. It's the worst kind of lazy celebrity gloom.

Put some EFFORT into varying the waves of ennui that you two radiate, will ya? Show me something other than this black sadness before I am forced to get the shovel from the garage and the bag of frozen oranges from the deep freezer.

This act needs to retire or BE retired permanently and returned to whatever mutant planet of soul-less twins we found them on.

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