Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Help RisingPhoenixMastiffs find furever homes!!

 This is
from acclaimed
Las Vegas Vet Dr. O'Sullivan...

I was going to drive some big dogs (maybe 5-6) up to Boise Idaho to
meet Trisha of RisingPheonix Mastiffs, BUT INSTEAD she is going to drive her
huge vehicle and maybe a trailer down here to pick up 12 - 13 "in
need" giant breeds in SoCal and here in Vegas this weekend. The only flaw
in the plan is gas money. I have been told it runs her about a $1000 in gas for
the round trip.

I have donated $300 to the cause, and I want to ask for your help. No donation
is too small and everything we can do to help this many giants at one time is
worth every penny (in my opinion) She is planning on doing this amazing, life
saving drive this upcoming weekend, so please let me know if you can help and
how much. I will figure out a way to collect these donations for her, OR most
of you know where I live. Please feel free to cross post this request and lets
see what we can do.

Email for questions - BigDogDVM@hotmail.com

ALL!!!!!! You all know how much this means to not only the blog but to Las Vegas!

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