Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Am Just Going To Come Right Out And Say This So That We Have No Misunderstandings

I have been hearing word today about a remake in the works of the TV program 21 Jumpstreet. Really. REMAKE?

One does not REMAKE a show like 21 Jumpstreet. You don't know from 21 Jumpstreet if you have the HUBRIS to think that you can improve on perfection.

You would spit on the memory of the 21 Jumpstreet? What kind of monster are you?

It had Johnny Depp on it. He was moody. He was beautiful. I won't even go into the merits of the rest of the cast or the stories or the faux gritty way that it TRIED to capture a time and a mood and a sensibility at the beginning of the video age. It was a FOX show when that network actually made programs I wanted to see and believed in innovation on network tv.

Yes, we were so wonderfully naieve back then.

HEY...don't get me drifting into nostalgia when I am trying to be mad here.

I will talk to the creators like I would a toddler. NO NO NO. DON'T DO IT! DON'T YOU DO IT! I MEAN IT! I AM COUNTING BACKWARDS FROM 100 MISTER. 100!!! NO MORE! N0 NO NO NO NO!

How do these numnuts think they will find anyone with the explosive charisma of a Johnny Depp or a Richard Grieco in his prime? Holly Robinson? Are you kidding me??

Thanks to NOT WORTH MENTIONING for inspiring this post.

In May 2008, Sony confirmed that a film version of the series is under development. Jonah Hill will rewrite an existing script by screenwriter Joe Gazzam and executive produce the film, though it remains unknown if he will star.[9] Johnny Depp has confirmed in an interview for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides that his cameo has already been filmed. Hill said he wanted horror director Rob Zombie to direct the picture. In May 2009, Jonah Hill described the film adaptation as being a "R-rated, insane, Bad Boys-meets-John Hughes-type movie"[10] On December 21, 2009 it was announced that Columbia Pictures are in talks with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs directing duo, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, to direct the film which will star Jonah Hill, who also is executive producing.[11] Channing Tatum will star alongside Hill in the film adaptation.[12]Dave Franco also won a role in the film,[13] and so has Dakota Johnson.[14]

The current release date for the film is March 16, 2012.[15]

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