Friday, September 23, 2011

I Am A Political Man

Any person who visits the 'Cave of Cool' regularly knows that I have an opinion on most anything. It takes very little provocation to get me off spouting balloon juice from the comfort of my computer chair. However, this time, I have to go beyond which side of an issue is right or wrong. Why does any issue come down to the little things for me?

The Middle East is a complicated part of the world. For six thousand years people have fought over that patch of desert. It has both strategic and religious importance to all three of the world's great religions.

It has been prophesized to be the sight of the final battle for Earth - our Judgement Day (which I personally believe is more likely to be a battle of human vs machine than it will ever be a battle of demons and angels - that last combination is just loopy)

I hate that Israel has to live like an armed camp because the Palestinians are terrorist assholes who should have taken what they were given and negotiated from a position of legitimacy instead of being unreasonable in their demands.

In turn the Jews are one people who don't need to be associated with the gulag-like conditions under which most Palestinians live under. It's wrong and needs to change for the optics alone.

Hamas has been a poor representative of the Palestinian people - most who are good and decent. The people have been sorely let down by their leadership.

Israeli polititions have used the politics of fear for too long to create an armed camp that no one should have to live under. It goes against everything Israel is supposed to be about.

If giving the Arabs a little patch of ground to make this a safer world then I am for Palestinian statehood. I am also for Armenian statehood from Iraq and Turkey.

All that being said I just can't get one thing out of my head. THIS STUPID CHAIR!

I get the symbolism of sending a representation of the nation-state you want to build. Chairs are heavy bits of symbolism in the United Nations so this stunt will get noticed.

My complaint is not that you sent a chair, my complaint is that you sent such a CRAPPY chair. Where is the love, the effort for such an important symbol of Palestinian nationalism? It seems so IKEA. It's low rent.

Now if this chair represents the the actual look and style of the other chairs inside the UN's General Assembly, then they have to do some furniture upgrades and I apologize for assuming facts not in evidence.

I wouldn't put that chair out for a parent/teacher interview. It looks like something a student living away from home for the first time would have in his dorm room. It looks like a project that the Shop Class does for the local nursing home. This looks like it was made for the Provincial winter games. GAH! Somebody get your shit together over there.

A shitty looking chair is your solution to Mideast peace? Really? Once again I feel like the whole planet is just one big prank being pulled on me.

A symbolic chair that a Palestinian delegation is using to campaign for membership in the United Nations September 15, 2011 at UN headquarters in New York. The delegation met with UN General Assembly President Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser to present him with the chair today.

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