Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Am Speechless. I Am Without Speech

Dangerous Minds is such a cool site for someone who can't stop thinkin' about stuff like me. I hope it's not put together by a team because that may ruin it for me. I like to think that all the content comes from one delusional maniac.

I may not be into everything on this site but it always shows me a world that I had no idea existed. 70s Reggae Infused Angry African Funkatellic Rap is made as interesting to me as the always creepy pictures that they post. Trailers for movies I won't have known existed now haunt my nightmares and I am diggin' it. I feel a part of this 'hive' mind.

Alice Cooper and Salvador Dali - fly on the wall moment.

I like the pro HUMAN BEING stand that this blog takes. I especially enjoy the way they point out the little foolishnesses of organized religion - one of my sacred cows of satire. Posted without comment. Just watch for yourself and be filled with the spirit of the Lord.

This is all great subversive stuff with more important things to say about living with the planetary culture we have created for ourselves.

I hope I generate the same kind of feeling in the people who read my blog as 'Dangerous Minds' generates in me...WONDER! I hope you all go there. It's becoming a source of many posts as I work my way through their archive. Tell me what you think.

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