Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Am Very Excited

There is nothing better than tracking a package you ordered online because you can't find the product in the town you live in.

When I taught up North the convenience store stocked these awesome 'Rocky Road' chocolate covered marshmallow bars that were very tasty. I was already a huge fan of the chocolate covered marshmallow treats they sell at Halloween and Easter but these bars were an even better variation on the concept of chocolate and marshmallow. The ANNABELLE candy company makes a mint and dark chocolate version of these bars too.

I find I don't like 'Mars', 'Snickers' or 'Twix' so much anymore. They feel like a chore to eat if that makes any sense. These 'Rocky Road' bars, however, feel light.

I had such a craving for one of these a few months ago that I searched for places to order candy online and found a few sites that sell a box of 24 for around 20 bucks. I order about 2 boxes a month.

Now for those who will complain about that being a lot of shit for a person with minor type 2 diabetes to eat but it is the ONLY junk food I eat anymore. I don't eat chips or drink sugary soda. I snack on fruit, nuts and beef jerky. So compared to pre-diagnosis I have turned my eating habits around 180 degrees. These bars are just TOO good to pass up. Nothing like going to the deep freeze for frozen chocolate which is the ONLY way to eat chocolate.

Currently my packages had been picked up from Richfield Ohio and has been cleared by Canadian customs. Load that package onto a Moose and let's get some sugar on, boys.

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