Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Just Have To Say It

The White House Staffer that put together the 'Pop Tart Platter' (with those tiny little American flags on them) in front of the President is on the fast track to promotion I'll bet. Way to care about putting out a nice spread for your guests, buddy. Better to put out nothing than to put out something so pathetic.

Don't blame the restaurant either. There are levels of security that everything that even comes close to POTUS has to go through. At NO POINT did anyone bring up how shitty this 'Pop Tart Platter' idea would be.

This is the first time in the whole Obama Presidency that I have given Brother Obama a look as if to say, "Really? This is what it's sunk to in America. You have your breakfast hijacked by the most powerful man in the world and all you get is HALF a Pop Tart and a toothpick?

(Plus...toothpicks are great for picking up tiny meatballs but NOT A HALF POP TART. It would fall OFF the toothpick everytime. GAH! I hate real world physics.)


I just wish Obama wasn't weighed down so much by my expectations of what he would be able to do. That is more my fault that his. Still, I have to express my displeasure with his performance in the best way I know how...

He had THAT one coming for a long time. Time to 'sack up' Mr President. I know you have done good stuff. If you repeat all your 'accomplishments' back to me one more time the oranges are coming out of the freezer.

It's all about optics. Control your message, define YOURSELF and stop letting all these ignorant crackers tell you what kind of PRESIDENT OF THE FUCKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that you will be. I am just sick of it.

Maybe pull that young staffer for some input on how that 'Pop Tart Platter' came about. You can learn a lot about loving America from that kid.

How crappy is it to be the people who make the Pop Tarts this week? I love the Pop Tart but I would feel embarrassed to take a box to the checkout for a few days. I hope this whole 'American flag' thing was not some lame promotion cross promotion. How is it ever a bad thing for the President to be seen with your product?

This is like 'Abercrombie and Fitch' paying 'The Situation' to NOT wear their cloths in public. If you get money for NOT doing shit, THAT is the best job in the world. Hang onto it like grim death.

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