Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Was Right About The 'Toe Thumbs' All Along

In my youth I would watch a program called 'That's Incredible'. It was a show that showed the weird and the wacky and yes, the incredible from around the world.

They would often host world record attempts (which I always hoped would fail) and had scores of ordinary people show off their skills.

Notably, a young Tiger Woods went on that show as a five year old so his father could show off how great the little guy was at driving golf balls.

My favorite story they ever did was the one about a guy who cut BOTH his thumbs off in some sawing accident and the doctors grafted the second toes on each of his feet to his hand to act as replacement thumbs. And it worked.

So when I see a story like the one posted above, I remember that I saw it first over 30 years ago. GAH!

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