Thursday, September 8, 2011

It Will Only Stay A Dream If You Do Nothing

"Before we made it big, Paulo and I designed and sewed many of our own costumes. You wouldn't know to look at them now because the work looks so professional."

Which brother looked like he believed in his chosen career path and which one didn't? One of these guys is not a natural showman. I think it's the less flashy one.

I enjoy how the design is modified to highlight the visual strengths of each man. This is not just a two man operation.

There is a top flight entertainment services company behind this promotional campaign. The units they moved in Panama the week after this photo hit the South American teen magazines...well, let me just say it bought 'a lot of bananas'.

This looks like the 'Robin' costume my mom tried to sew me using a Siplicity Pattern. It was the year I went as a ghost or a hobo I think.

They obviously branched off into pet costumes. Sharp style is sharp style no matter who is wearing the cloths.

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