Friday, September 23, 2011

Joshi's Jamboree takes place Saturday..a KINDNESS event!

 Josh Stevens Foundation will
host the first Joshi’s Jamboree, to celebrate the life of a great young man
whose life was cut too short. 
Affectionately known as “Joshi” to his parents, Barbara and Drew
Stevens, who are also the foundation’s founders, the jamboree is open to all
Southern Nevada families.  The
event will take place at Combat Zone Paintball, a place Josh was anticipating
the opening of but passed shortly before it did.

More than 90 schools are
invited to attend.  Friends, family and
supporters of the Josh Stevens Foundation will be in attendance.  Families will enjoy food, games, rides and of
course – paintball!

The entry for the event is
free.  Tickets for food, rides and games
are on sale. Paintball is $5 per 10 minute game per person including 140
paintballs for ages 10 and up.

Founded in 2008, the Josh
Stevens Foundation’s mission is to recognize and reward a child’s heartfelt
KIND act and to inspire kids to be more KIND, more often.  Genuine KINDNESS born in the heart of a child
deserves celebration.  One month before
Josh’s 13th birthday, he lost his life in a tragic accident in September
2008.  Amongst his friends, family and
community, he was known as a person who was KIND and often did good deeds for
others.  He left a legacy of KINDNESS
that lives on today through the work of the foundation.  To date, nearly 25,000 KINDNESS cards and
40,000 “Be Kind” t-shirts with various slogans have been printed and
distributed.  Billboards in
Southern Nevada and Oregon are now up touting the organization’s message.  Everything the foundation does honors Josh:
on the 5th of every month, for Josh’s birthday, the foundation does random acts
of KINDNESS.  Examples include surprising
needy families by helping pay for layaway gifts, donating money to feed children
Haiti, supporting grieving families and much more.  The logo, itself, is a recreation of actual
drawings from Josh; the three mountains represented Josh and his siblings,
Shelbie and Sam, who Josh named.  The
sun, to Josh, signified his parents protecting the kids with the 12 points on
the sun symbolizing Josh’s age. 


This Saturday, Sept. 24

a.m. to 7 p.m.

   Combat Zone Paintball

S. Las Vegas Blvd.
, 1 mile South of the M Resort on St. Rose Parkway.

or find on Facebook or Twitter.

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