Friday, September 16, 2011

Loves Me Some David Copperfield

It doesn't get better than this. It's a trick. But it's a GOOD trick.

When I taught, the last 20 or so minutes on a Friday afternoon was the deadest time of the week. Everyone was just itching to leave for the weekend - me worst of all. Time seems to stop and in some cases move backwards on a Friday afternoon. I felt like a trapped animal.

To combat this frustration, I got into the habit of showing parts of the collection of David Copperfield's illusions that I had on VHS to the kids. They were always entertained. It became this 'thing' where I would be accosted by students in the hallways who would try to explain to me how the trick they saw in the previous week worked.

Today there are Internet sites dedicated to explaining how the tricks are done. That is fine for an aspiring magician but I am one who doesn't want the moment of wonder to be spoiled for me.

Copperfield really is the King of Magic. As grand as his huge stage pieces (like the Death Saw Illusion) are, he really shines as an 'up close' magician. His technique is flawless. He has all the skills and he does them to perfection. I so appreciate the effort he has put into being great. No wonder he was just named Magician of the Century.

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