Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer Biography
Michelle Pfeiffer

Few contemporary actresses capture the charm of old Hollywood, but the ethereal beauty is one of the exceptions. After winning a local competition of beauty in California, began the blonde face appears on television (with his original nose) before making the leap to the big time movie star. Although he suffered some notorious bombs early (Grease 2, Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen) won his career momentum in the mid-80s, as was shown to be effective, unlike more than a pretty face, acting some of the most respected names in the field (Al Pacino in Scarface, Jack Nicholson in witches of Eastwick). In 1988 he presented his versatility with three different races in a trio of very different films: the woman between two men in any part of the action movie Tequila Sunrise, a widow in search of Mafia comedy Married to the Mob to start hitting, and a caste Century 18 for possession of a Lothario in dangerous Liaisons, a performance that her first Oscar nod Pfeiffer devastating effects deserves. Now, an A-lister, Pfeiffer was careful not to label himself, appeared in romantic comedies (One Fine Day), Blockbuster (a delicious turn as Catwoman in Batman Returns), led musicals (The Fabulous Baker Boys, which give a second Oscar-nominated drama) and a variety of, including a fascinating spectacle like Jackie O. 'S # 1 fan in Love Field, his third Oscar at a glance. Since the '90s passed, Pfeiffer has slowed down to take the time to respond to children with TV writer / producer David E. Kelley fire appear, and only occasionally on the big screen, but make an impression every time (White Oleander, The Ocean Deep End).

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