Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mouse In The House

Just came THIS close to having a live mouse in the house which is one of my personal nightmares. I just react badly to any sound I hear like when mice run across the kitchen floor - well any sound except the SNAP of the trap.

Went to call Admiral Fluffy and he was doing the Tigger bounce all over the front yard. I should have figured out that he was up to something when he came BOUNDING up the front stairs with his chest puffed out in pride. Looking down I saw something fluffy and grey with a tale and closed the door just in time to keep him outside.

Good thing I did because to my HORROR he had not actually KILLED the mouse (as is his DUTY in the Great Circle of Life) but only stunned him. Then I watched from behind the protection of the screen door as the Admiral resumed chasing the luckiest mouse on the planet.

From his pitiful performance as a predator I am having my doubts about how he survived 21 days away from home like he did. His stories are not matching up with his actions.

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