Monday, September 19, 2011

NHL Props and NFL Rivalry your bets now at all Caesar's Sports Books!

 Caesars Entertainment is
committed to providing guests with the most innovative and exciting gaming
experience and are offering sports fans the exclusive opportunity to place bets
on unique
NHL Props as well as NFL Rivalry Week bets.

With the first puck being
dropped in less than one month, hockey fans can place fun wagers that will last
the entire season utilizing the
NHL Prop
Bets.  Options range from betting on the
over/under for the goal leader and assist leader to whether or not a
Canadian-based franchise will win the 2012 Stanley Cup.  Patriotic fans who follow players from a
certain country will also get the chance to bet on the goal leader from
countries such as
Russia , Australia and Canada .

For NFL fans who follow their
team religiously, the Rivalry Week bets will allow these guests to cheer for
their favorite team as well as against their rivals every week.  The bet is designed so rivalries can be
matched up on a weekly basis without having to actually play each other on the
field.  This innovative offer is
exclusive to Caesars Entertainment sports books, and is masterminded by Todd
Fuhrman, the senior sports book analyst at Caesars.  The idea of using point spreads from two
separate games and creating Rivalry Week Matchups for sports fanatics to
analyze and bet on opens the door to many exciting opportunities and debuts
this season at all Caesars sports books.

Examples of a few of the
NHL prop bets for the upcoming 2011-2012 Season:

Most Goals Scored – Russian Goal Leader

Alexander Ovechkin (WAS)                            -8½      -130

Ilya Kovalchuk (NYJ)                                                   Even

Will a Canadian Franchise Win the 2011-2012 Stanley




The Rivalry Week betting
lines stem directly from the point spreads of the two NFL games involved in the
bet.  For example, in the Border War
Matchup between the historic Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, the Green
Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints played on Sept. 8 with a point spread of
Saints +4.5 and a point total of 48, which meant that the projected score for
the game was 26.5 to 22, respectively. 
For the other side, the point spread for the Chicago Bears and Atlanta
Falcons game was Bears +3, with a point total of 40.5.  This generated the expected result of 18 to
21, respectively.

 Packers – 26.5 points

Bears – 18 points

Saints – 22 points

Falcons – 21 points

With these expected number of
points scored for individual teams, the Rivalry Week Bets are born.  The Border War Matchup between the Packers
and Bears had a point spread of Bears +8.5 (26.5 to 18), with the combined
total for the two teams at 44.5. 
Similarly, the NFC South Supremacy Matchup was set at Falcons +1 versus
the Saints (21 to 22) with a total of 43 points.

Continues through the
duration of the
NHL and NFL regular seasons

All Caesars Entertainment
sports books

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