Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nothing Is Changing - The Switch From Analog To Mind Control And Oppression Continues

An Open Letter To Planet Earth And 2011

I post a lot of pictures. Is that lazy blogging? Does all the art and design become a nice diversion from whatever else is occupying the mind of one of my readers or is it all just more filler? Is it like a sorbet to cleanse one's mental pallet or is it all just drivel and balloon juice?

While watching my 'Jerseylicious' (don't ask, I am ashamed enough) I love nothing better than running through Tumblr and finding images to add to my archive, reblog, or just save to post on the 'Cave of Cool' main site. I love sharing what I come across because if I think the image is cool someone else might too. What I see I must trap, copy and share before it fades into the ether.

It's just the way my mind works. I know all the pics mess with people who view blogs a certain way but I like seeing all the business and color on my main page.

I think all the clutter is a good thing. I need the big shiny buttons (and if you are reading this CRYSTAL, I will believe that you actually read my blog instead of only FacebookING about yourself if you comment on this post.) to keep my attention so nothing is changing with the look of the 'Canadian Cave of Cool'. It's still ADHD since before that diagnosis was cool.

To be kept from doing the voodoo that I do in a quick and timely manner has been difficult for me. To go from 100 to 0 in a half second is jarring to say the least. Reminds me of a joke.

"What is the last thing to go through a bug's mind when he hits the windshield of a speeding car?"

"His ass."

Blogger and your stupid new user interface - it doesn't interface with shit. It just tells me I don't have the flash player I need and then when I download it still gives me the error message and I can't watch the trailer or video clips I post.

GAH! I know there is a page somewhere where I can click enable on some preference and all my problems would go away.

In the future I may be sharing some of my better stuff over at Cultural Compulsive Disorder because they were the ones who in the end gave me the best and only offer to join a blog writing team.

I am also getting generous boxes of bupkiss for the opportunity. As always, my New York brothers, ANYTHING that, you know, 'falls off the truck' is appreciated.

So hopefully I will see you follow me over to CCD and I will thank you not to complain because you read the same posts from me at two places. Consider yourself doubly blessed and I will hear nothing further on the matter.

I go where I am appreciated...even if there is some guy talking LEGO all the time in the staff break room. So for James Bond I present my credentials. They entitled me NOT to be conned by this evil European toy giant who still rubs my nose in it after all these years.

Yes, John Block, you done me wrong. (My membership is signed by JOHN BLOCK? WTF is that all about?)

'Member in good standing? It's been a long time since anyone called me that. 1972 was such a simple time - before all the 'problems' started. We all have blood on our hands and bare feet from these LEGO WARS. How can I ask LEGO to stop with the hate when I can't quiet the rage in my OWN black heart?

I DO for YOU because I LOVE.

Now please return to your seats so that the show may continue. MAESTRO!

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