Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Off The Top Of My Head - 'Sherlock' - Episodes One And Two


*Sherlock would never stain his hands by touching filthy money. I love the way Watson just sorta takes over Sherlock's finances when he sees the size of the cheque the bank manager gives Holmes for just agreeing to investigate the bank case - a twist on 'locked room mystery'. Of course it all comes back to bite him in the ass in the end. Ingenious storytelling.

*The way the creator's present the look INSIDE the mind of the great detective when he is analysing a situation is fantastic. It's superhuman and thrilling. It's fun to think of Sherlock as some mutant who's gift is 'detection'.

*Watson has his limits. He doesn't like going through a dead person's pockets. Instead of confronting Watson, Holmes just takes care of the job for himself without protest.

*The cops hate him because he exposes their laziness - their mental laziness which just cannot be tolerated. "I follow where you lead." "As it should be."

*This show is a love letter to modern London. It's a slick presentation of the fusion of the best of both the old and the new. I need to go back for another visit.

*The pop up text messages whenever cell phones are used is great. Seamlessly integrating the technology into the story as seamlessly as the cell phone and CGI effects integrating itself into pop culture - this program is very pop culturally literate.

*Holmes' 'agents' are all magnificent loners who happen also to be geniuses in their chosen field be it graffiti or sammich making. Each supporting character is a fully fleshed out character.

*I love when Sherlock is reminded by Watson's deductions to not 'overthink' things. Sometimes a duck is just a duck.

*The thrill of discovery is a hugely satisfying part of this program. They feed the viewer clues at the same time that Holmes and Watson are getting them. I feel swept along but never carried along. If you understand the difference you get to the heart of what makes Sherlock a great, great re-imagination of the greatest detective in literature.

*Everything matters. You can't take your eyes off the screen because if you do you might miss the ONE clue that will allow you to figure the whole mystery out a few seconds before Holmes reveals it. I love how the good guys win.

*The British are brilliant in the way they make only a few episodes of a series. That puts pressure on the creators to get the show right from the beginning because they only get a few chances to create their 'masterpieces'. This is a masterpiece of television and was rightly shown on PBS's signature program, Masterpiece Theatre when it premiered in North America this year. Must I use that word again? Find this, watch this then come back and tell me how right I was.

*The greatest reveal of all? Moriarty is Holmes' older brother. That is how you do plot twist right. I love how his brother is just as creepy as Sherlock can be at times. Twisted family dynamics feed my ennui.

I can see these two damaged lunatics could find themselves fighting over a waterfall in Germany. James is terrified that Sherlock will 'involve' himself in the truly evil affairs James is a part of 'for king and country'. Does anyone think that THIS is how they should reboot the Bond franchise - just for a trilogy? Just for me?

You know Sherlock will 'insert' himself into the situation just at the moment when James almost conquers the world.

"It's all information now. That's all. Electrons of knowledge we try to capture like fireflies. Do you remember the fireflies?"

(I just wrote that. That's not bad)

*Watson got a girlfriend. He's going to KISS her. Because he LOVES her and wants to DATE her. If Holmes didn't just SHOW UP ON THE WORST/COOLEST FIRST DATE EVER - Holmes' jealousy is raw and real. He is such a bitch to Sara.

*Mrs Hudson. God love ya. Always there with a snack.

*Doctor Sara - warrior princess. Brilliant.

*COOL - the actually got to Chinese circus performers and one of their acts. What a perfect group to use for your criminal operation for all the reasons that are now obvious. The skill set possessed by these performers is impressive. I do like me a show. As my father would say, "It's a trick. But it's a GOOD trick."

*The misunderstandings that always seem to make Watson look guilty of crimes he didn't commit. But in the end. NICE SHOT!

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