Monday, September 12, 2011

Off The Top Of My Head

If one has to die, best to die with some kind of legacy you can be proud of. 'Spartacus - Blood and Sand' was one of THE greatest seasons of television I have seen in my life. It showed that creators can use cable television to push the boundaries of what can't be shown on public TV - and push it they did.

This show was high concept but they went more than FULL retard on the execution. Sex, blood, death, hatred, loyalty, friendship, redemption, vengeance, more sex, more death and the use of the word 'cock' more times than any single hour of television ever.

I loved every puerile moment of it and my enjoyment was anchored by Whitfield's amazing performance as Spartacus. It will be he and not Kirk Douglas who I think of when I think of that character. He brought ennui to a whole new level and y'all know I loves me my ennui. And that is why his final scream of rage was so satisfying to watch. I know he's not going to heaven. Heroes go to Valhalla.

Thanks to Hollywood Spy for the photo.

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