Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Situation Will Get Out Of Control. It Will Get Out Of Control And We Will Be Lucky To Live Through It

If the woman is pretty enough and smart enough and busty enough to gain election to Canada's highest political body, she can wear a top buttoned down to her 'who who' and beyond for all I care.

This is a FREE country dagnamit! No one deserves to have their magnificent cleavage stunted by THE MAN. People have died on foreign battlefields to protect many things; cleavage being one of them. I have a similar policy towards bra free boobies - they must run on the range...and they must run free.

The Canadian Parliament apparently has a strict code for House of Commons attire. An alert Googler discovered a discrepancy between a Google thumbnail of Rathika Sitsabaiesan, a new M.P., and her official parliamentary photograph: the Google thumbnail shows her in a lower-cut shirt than her official parliamentary photo, though identical in all other respects. It’s unclear whether the old picture was Photoshopped by Sitsabaiesan’s office or the parliamentary website. Sitsabaiesan, 29, is the first Tamil-Canadian M.P. to be elected.

Thanks to Budd for passing this story onto me.

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