Sunday, September 25, 2011

Top 10 Celebrity

1.Britney Spears

Just found out that Britney had Pinkberry Sunday night. She gets the plain flavor with berries on it. Yum! ~Lauren
7:46 PM Jan 2nd

I had a nice, restful evening and got a great massage last night. ~Brit
12:43 PM Jan 27th


Britney Spears' account falls into that classic Twitter trap of becoming little more then mundane existential updates. But hers has an added perk—half the time, one of her many handlers takes care of the updating for her.

2.Snoop Dogg

"Grammy weekend was poppn. My bad for not hitn up my twitts."
12:13 PM Feb 9th


It's "Tweets," not "Twitts," Snoop Dogg, but no matter. The rapper's Twitter profile is unique in that he actually seems to respond to fans, telling his thousands of "playas" to "keep pimpn" and giving love to his many "nephews" several times a day. All in between pushing his new show on MTV, of course.

3.Dalai Lama

"I'm sure HH will be just as inquisitive about technology as he has been over the past 14 reincarnations."
Feb. 7th

"Indeed HH is quite hands on. Albeit limited to only a few minutes at a time, he does truely delight in new mediums.
Feb. 8th

— 234 followers (down from a peak of 20,000)

It took just two days for "HH" (His Holiness) to garner more than 20,000 followers on the Twitter feed @OHHDL — as in "The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama" — before it was exposed as a hoax and temporarily suspended. No word yet on whether the account of "God" — which currently has almost 6,000 followers — has been verified. For the record, "Satan" is on Twitter too.

4.John Hodgman: PC Guy

To the Daily Show to cough all over everyone and work on a script with Mr Rich Blomquist. (truthfully, I'm not sure he's all that rich)
about 8 hours ago from Tweetie

Even though I am deathly ill, I had to hug Mirman. From book to gNr cover band, he put on a spectacle.
about 19 hours ago from Tweetie

@ronaldmoore I think we were accidentally disconnected. I'll call back, but my point was, if you think about it, they are ALL hoboes
3:01 PM Feb 6th from mobile web

@scharpling @Twitterkins I was too busy with getting my mind blown. I hope today will be a better balance of mind-explosion and snacks.
8:26 AM Feb 4th from web


Honestly, who the hell can decipher what John Hodgman — the "fake" expert of Mac advertising and Comedy Central fame — is even talking about. But who cares? It's Twitter. Nobody understands the cryptic haikus that most people put up except for the people who wrote them. And maybe this Ronald Moore character.

5.Claire McCaskill

Running late, laundry and phone calls to both of my kids in college put me behind.Both struggling with their $. Budgets, not easy for anyone
5:56 AM Feb 9th

Going to be on Meet the Press in the morning. With Ensign, Pence, and Frank. First time I've done the Sunday shows since campaign.
7:19 AM Feb 7th

Ok. I'm mad about these yahoos on Wall Street taking bonuses and trying to buy fancy jets on the taypayers dime
9:13 AM Jan 30th


Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is one of the most followed politicans on Twitter, largely because she actually reveals herself in her posts. She talks about her diet, her family, her frustration about bank CEO pay and even the University of Missouri men's basketball team.

5.Lance Armstrong

Morning. Up early and drinking coffee down at the local Starbucks. Reading the NYT. Interesting piece on Svein Tuft in the sports section.
7:12 AM Feb. 8

Just getting up, drinking coffee in the room, reading the Beast, and listening to a little Pete Yorn. First day of camp today.
8:13 AM Feb. 2


Lance is as relentless on Twitter as he is on the bike, but like watching the Tour de France, his feed is pretty monotonous—heavy on name-checking, media consumption updates, product plugging and training recaps. He appears to thoroughly enjoy coffee.

7.Shaquille O'Neal

Im n san fran, on my way to alcatraz, i mite stay
6:08 PM Feb. 3

Never celebrate until the task is complete, almost aint good enuff
7:43 PM Feb. 1

The obama speech, wow, was dat memorized, very impressive, im jealous
1:26 PM Jan. 20


Microblogging was a form engineered for Shaq, the gentle giant and goofball philosopher who once compared his game to the Pythagorean theorem because "no one has an answer." Shaq's Twitter bio describes the Phoenix Suns center as "very quotatious, I perform random acts of Shaqness." We have no idea what that means, but it sounds exactly right.

8.Arnold Schwarzenegger

2/6/09 is Ronald Reagan Day. During our times of adversity, I hope each of us can find some of Reagan's optimism
2:09 PM Feb. 6

@kenoatman (whose bio says he is a "solar panel broker") Did you know: Californians doubled solar installations in 2008
2:07 PM Jan. 28


The Governator is a lean, mean, all green, all-the-time machine with frequent tweets about vehicle emissions standards and clean air but a conspicuous lack of references to True Lies or Red Sonja. What a shame.

9.David Lynch

Thought of the Day: We are like the spider. We weave our life & move along it. We are like the dreamer who dreams & then lives in the dream.
1:54 PM Feb. 10

Good morning. It's Feb. 6, 2009 and it's a Friday. Here in LA, DARK, GREY, COLD, RAINING. 55°F, 13°C.
7:53 AM Feb. 6


David Lynch's Tweets are too genuinely eccentric for them to be products of an impersonator.

No, you will not read anything about little people talking backwards in rooms lined with velvet walls or other carnival-esque Lynchian escapades. Rather his "thoughts of the day" range from imploring Republicans to move to another country to contemplating the transience of clouds. And his meticulous daily Los Angeles weather reports have turned the avant-garde director into a virtual meteorologist of sorts.

10.Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

While I have been working away clearly the mouse has been playing...
About 6 hours ago from Tweetie (Demi)

Love you baby! taking a meeting with ustream. thinking about you.
1:07 PM Feb 4th from web (Ashton)

Unfortunately snuggling and a movie will have to wait must run out and face the earthly cleanse that is taking place here in la
4:19 PM Feb 5th from web (Demi)

And now the good news. my lovely wife through me a surprise party tonight with all of my friends. She's the best and I love her so much.
12:44 AM Feb 9th from web (Ashton)

— 45,474 followers (Ashton); 25,831 followers (Demi)

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first Twitter celeb couple. Between praising Siddhartha and lamenting how nobody has time to read the classics anymore, Ashton Kutcher introduced his wife Demi Moore to Twitter. Ever since, she has been tweeting about taming her unruly mane en route to a premiere and chuckling at her "hubby's funny schemes." It now seems as though a celebrity couple doesn't need a TV contract to give us an unprecedented look into their relationship: the Kutchers' back-and-forth does just as good a job of documenting their gushing proclamations of love and longing and their absurdly cutesy monikers ("pillow partner" and "baby boo.")

Stars are just like us — they Twitter, too! From Britney Spears to Arnold Schwarzenegger, celebs are using the micro-messaging tool to spread the word about everything from the food they eat to the parties they attend. A look at some of the top personalities you can follow on Twitter.

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