Friday, September 16, 2011

TV Times - Project Runway

I adored Project Runway last night. They had husbands working with the designers to make a dress for their wives. It was fun to see who the women were who married these goofy guys and often their reasons for helping to design a dress for their wives was very touching.

I love design shows that give me insight into the process of creation the motivation. The effort and the results. Add a dash of heart and I will be clapping at my desk every time.

Tim Gunn - All class.

Burt - An adult

Designer Oliver - numnut - had no idea what DD meant in relation to women's cup sizes (we all know it means YIPPEEEE!) and he makes woman's clothing. He finds designing around the boob is inconvenient to the look of his garment. Apparently he only wants Taiwanese lady boys to wear his stuff. I want to smack him but I fear he has a mental deficiency.

You could understand why fashion brings so many people so much joy. A person just moves, acts, and talks differently when they know they look good. The designers that made clothing for their clients without letting their egos get in the way were the most successful. A happy client is a return client. The quicker you tune into them, the happier you will be. It must feel great to have a smiling person wearing something that you made. Certainly feels better than the ennui that Oliver produced. He needed to go home for being a whiner.

And I say that while LOVING the final outfit he designed. He is just infuriating for an tree lemur with ADDDD like myself. His mind works way way way too slowly.

WAKE UP OLIVER! - Grow a pair, drape a boob.

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