Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Legendary Jazz coming to The Smith Center!

 Experience Legendary Jazz in Las Vegas! Cabaret Jazz to Debut at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts                                                                          

Jazz greats and cabaret stars
from around the globe will now have a home in
Las Vegas when Cabaret Jazz at The Smith Center for the
Performing Arts opens in March 2012. Inside the Boman Pavilion, the new venue
will feature a regular schedule of the top performers in an intimate club
setting designed for live music.

Jazz artists already
scheduled to perform include the San Francisco Jazz Collective and Branford
Marsalis, cabaret stars include Barbara Cook, Andrea Marcovicci and
Las Vegas’ own Clint Holmes, who will begin a monthly
residency. Tickets will go on sale later this fall.

“The Smith Center’s Cabaret Jazz was designed for music and will allow
us to bring the greatest jazz and cabaret performers in the world to
Las Vegas,” said Myron Martin, president and CEO of The Smith
Center. “Think of it as Dizzy’s meets Feinstein’s.”

With a warm and engaging
design, the focus is on the artists and their music inside the two-level,
258-seat venue. Overlooking
Symphony Park, it provides a music experience unlike any other.

Holmes will be featured the
first weekend of every month. The
Las Vegas headliner recently played the esteemed Feinstein’s in
New York City, where his performance garnered high acclaim. The New
York Times raved “his high-energy singing is a friendly frontal assault whose
sheer enthusiasm softens your resistance.” 
Holmes is slated to appear at the legendary Carlyle Café in
Manhattan later this year in a tribute to jazz great Bobby
Short.  In addition to his performance
commitments at The Smith Center, Holmes will also play a key role in The Smith
Center’s community and education outreach programs.

“The idea of creating new
shows every month in an intimate club setting couldn’t be a better fit for what
I want to do as an artist,” said Holmes. “This allows me to perform in
New York and elsewhere, while keeping a consistent schedule in
my hometown.”

The Cabaret Jazz will open in
March 2012 as part of The Smith Center’s opening celebration.  With the announcement of Cabaret Jazz, The
Smith Center takes another important step to becoming the cultural centerpiece
Southern Nevada.

About The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is a public/private
partnership that will become the centerpiece of cultural life in
Las Vegas, offering a blend of performances by resident
companies, as well as first-run touring attractions. The 5-acre cultural campus
will feature three performance spaces, the 2,050-seat main performance area in
Reynolds Hall and Boman Pavilion’s 258-seat Cabaret Jazz and 250-seat Studio
Theater and will also be home to a 1.7 acre park, which can be used for outdoor
concerts. Additionally, the new Discovery Children’s Museum will be located on
the campus. The
Smith Center will be a place that will educate, entertain and
excite the citizens of our great community. 
Located in downtown’s 61-acre urban development,
Symphony Park, The Smith Center broke ground in May of 2009 with a
ceremonial Carillon bell casting and ringing. 
In February 2010, it celebrated its “Topping Out” with the raising of 50
tons of steel. The
Smith Center will open March 10, 2012. For more information about The Smith Center for the
Performing Arts, visit www.thesmithcenter.com. 
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