Monday, August 29, 2011

Top Celebrity - Gaga is "sick and obsessed with their weight"

Top Celebrity -  Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is on the brink - the madness and I do not speak their extravagant costumes and over-the-top makeup. Investigative journalist Ian Halperin has made ​​allegations of Gaga and insisted that the actor "sick" and "obsessed" with their weight have an addiction to dangerous drug. Halperin, who studied Gaga over 12 months for his next book, shows that "Those who have worked with her on tour told me Gaga eaten for weeks at a time, to fit into her costume." He goes ".. You are sick and obsessed with her ​​weight One of my friends, look in the mirror for hours Gaga, analyze and criticize his body is an unhealthy obsession." Monsters will cry "everywhere in protest - can not be the same Lady Gaga, who preaches self-love, because you were born that way.

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