Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Still time to go houseboating! Forever Resorts offers options!

A larger than anticipated
amount of rain and snowfall in the Colorado Rockies has resulted in rising lake
levels at both
Lake Powell and Lake
. More water means
greater excitement for boaters, hikers and others seeking enhanced recreational
opportunities at Forever Resorts’ boating operations at
Lake Powell’s Antelope Point Marina and Lake
’s Callville Bay, Temple Bar and Echo Bay marinas.

“Visitors are definitely
reacting to the rising water levels positively,” said Kim Roundtree, general
manager, Callville Bay Resort and Marina. “After watching the ‘bathtub’ ring
get taller and taller on the rocks surrounding the lake over the past years,
it’s thrilling to see it reversing.”

Lake levels at Lake Mead, which is
currently less than half full, have risen by nearly 22 feet this year and are
expected to continue to rise for the next year and a half, according to the
federal Bureau of Reclamation.

At Lake Powell, where the lake has achieved 76 percent of its
full-pool status, levels have risen 50 feet since April and peaked on July 31.
Higher water means, in many cases, more lake to explore. For example, just last
year it could take nearly an hour to hike to
Rainbow Bridge National

from the closest docking point on
Lake Powell, and now it’s only a quarter-mile away.

Forever Resorts offers
numerous ways visitors can take advantage of the higher water levels at both

Forever Houseboats, available
at Antelope Point Marina at Lake Powell and Callville Bay and Temple Bar
marinas on Lake Mead, offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for multi-generational
families, groups of friends, or small corporate and incentive travelers to
immerse themselves in the outdoors, while enjoying all the comforts of a
floating home on the water. Houseboats have dozens of amenities, including
private staterooms, top-deck hot tub and waterslide, satellite TV, front deck
barbecue grill and spacious, climate-controlled living areas.

Floatels, available at Echo
Bay Marina (
Lake Mead), offer all the comforts and amenities of Forever
Houseboats, but remain securely docked at the marina.

Small Boat Rentals, available
at all Forever Resorts marinas on
Lake Powell and Lake
, allow outdoor
enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy fishing, skiing, wakeboarding,
waverunning, or simply cruising their favorite lake destination. Kayaks are
also available at Antelope Point and Temple Bar Marinas; all watercraft at each
marina are available for hourly, daily or weekly rental.

About Forever Resorts

Forever Resorts is an
exceptional collection of destinations providing hospitality services
throughout the world. The company focuses on properties with access to nature
and one-of-a-kind surroundings for vacations, including houseboating
adventures. Since 1981, Forever Resorts has provided custom-built luxury rental
houseboats for use at numerous lake and national park destinations across the
United States. Its manufacturing facility – Fun Country Marine
Industries located in
Muncie, Ind. – builds and maintains the Forever Resort fleet.
Houseboats are manufactured in a variety of sizes and amenities and contain
environmental features such as energy-efficient or LED lighting, low-flow water
fixtures, zero water discharge into the surrounding body of water,
carbon-monoxide reduction through the use of SafeCO™ generators and the most
fuel-efficient engines available, along with solar-enhanced electric systems.
Boats built by Fun Country also include carpeting and cabinet tops made from
recycled materials. All Forever Houseboats in the fleet are National Marine
Manufacturing Association certified and built to ABYC and U.S. Coast Guard

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