Saturday, August 20, 2011

Teen Queen Demi Lovato celebrates B-Day at Beachers Madhouse..sweet!

Teen queen Demi Lovato had a
glam-rock themed 19th birthday party at the ultra-exclusive Beacher’s Madhouse
at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, along with her close friend and Buzznet
correspondent, Hanna Beth Merjos. The musician and actress made sure everyone
and everything she loved would be in attendance, including candy from the famed
sweets and treats brand, Sugar Factory. The confectionary emporium specially delivered
Lovato and Merjos’ favorites, such as strawberry licorice, Sour Patch
Watermelons, Hot Tamales, chocolate bars, lollipops, and of course, Sugar
Factory’s world famous blinged-out Couture Pops.

Along with celebrating her
19th birthday, Lovato was also reveling in the release of her number one
single, “Skyscraper.” When it came time for the superstar to blow out her
candles, Beacher’s Madhouse brought out a towering skyscraper cake, in honor of
her hit song and big day. Lovato had the time of her life, dancing to tunes
from DJ Baby Chino and snacking on Sugar Factory sweets with family and friends
all night long.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sugar Factory

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