Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Situation Will Get Out Of Control. It Will Get Out Of Control And We Will Be Lucky To Live Through It - Again

We’ve seen the revolutionary Da Vinci Surgical System do amazingly precise movements before, including folding paper airplanes and playing Operation. In this video, surgeons at Southmead Hospital in the UK demonstrated its ability to make delicate cuts by peeling a grape. So far, there are only 1,032 Da Vinci robots in service around the world, but that number is steadily increasing as doctors find it useful.

Great, so now the same robots that can peel a grape can skin off my eyelids without damaging the delicate (and tasty) optics beneath.

Am I the only one out here who thinks robots with insanely fine motor skills is not such a good idea?

I approve of their uses in surgery but only if there can be a guy in the operating room with a kill switch in case robo-doctor takes too much of a liking to it's precise cutting ability.

It only takes ONE of them to achieve sentience and we are all fucked. Look at what the Cylons did to us. The last thing I want is to find myself trying to take out 'The Gun On Ice Planet Zero' - AGAIN!

Since I was able to find this two part episode I present them here to all of you who fondly remember how great Battlestar Gallactica was when we were kids.

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