Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Ago From Space

I look back over the past ten years and I am sick over what has become of the planet. Two wars by the world's largest economy (actions that were the direct result of 9/11) has produced massive deficits in the US which in turn negatively influenced the global economy.

I just wish the media, who are producing specials about how 9/11 changed us all, would have been so eager to do real reporting when most of the past decade was occurring. Maybe if they had, this group would be on trial for war crimes like they should be.

The lies the powerful used to become even MORE powerful because of our reaction to 9/11 makes me believe this event was staged. The wrong people seemed to have benefited from the lessons of that day.

Politicians have used this event to create fear in the public and fear often makes people accept changes that are not in their best interests (Patriot Act). Fear set group against group and gave an opening to extremists and their views. Ideas that were once shunned become mainstream.

9/11 was a really well planned and executed terrorist attack that none of us ever expected to see the likes of in all our born days. I just wish we could all look back and be proud of how we reacted to 9/11. As it is, I feel nothing but shame today.

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