Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Even Our Currency Is Cool

Kickass Currency of the Day: The Canadian Mint has issued two new 25-cent coins featuring mythical creatures said to haunt Canada’s lakes: the serpentine Memphré (above) and the cat-like Mishepishu (after the jump).

Memphré has a dragon-like head and a serpent’s body, and it’s been sighted as many as eight times a year in Lake Memphremagog (say that 10 times fast) since 1816. Mishepishu is a lynx-like cat that, according to Ojibwe legend, swims Lake Superior and has shapeshifting abilities.

Both of the cryptid-bearing quarters were illustrated by Emily Damstra, and they’re available from the mint for $24.95 CAD a piece.
Are Niue’s Star Wars coins now only the second-coolest currency on the planet?

But were is a coin for Loup Garou, Ogopogo and the Wendigo?

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