Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Paige And Look Up

Heads up! NASA says a 5-ton satellite is heading toward Earth and could crash as early as September 24. Experts won't be able to predict where it will hit until 2 hours before the satellite reaches Earth's atmosphere. The odds of being hit by debris .. 1 in 3200.

I think I want this satelite to hit Congress for reducing NASA's budget in the wake of Shuttle program's end. Bomb it and pave it. Build a Thunderdome on the smoking ruin and let's move on with this apocalypse. Why the fits and starts? Can we all just commit to this end of the world thing and put some effort into destroying all we hold dear?

My friend Paige has a birthday that same day so I hope the heavens don't have a special present for her and her front lawn.

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