Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Am Not Happy. First The Bees And Now The Bananas

I really can't go for more than a few days without having a craving for a banana. One of the best summer jobs I ever had was working in a large kitchen in the deliveries department. Really learned a lot about produce and what made one piece of fruit better than the next. Got the 'taste' for a good daily jolt of potassium.

Oh and if you are reading this, Manny, you still don't know how to eat a banana. He actually tried to convince me in high school that you HOLD the top of the banana (stem) like a handle and you DON'T use it like the top of a pop can. Basically he advocated flipping the banana over which only made it more difficult to peel. The boy was smoking crack before there WAS crack, obviously.

Follow the link to read about the banana fungus that could put an end to this staple of civilization.

The Beginning of the End for Bananas?

Already reeling from a 20-year losing battle with a devastating disease, the banana variety eaten in the United States is now threatened by a new—but old—enemy.

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