Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Live music night at Queen Victoria Pub...get up on stage and belt it out!

Live Music Night @ The Queen

Today at 8:00pm - Tomorrow at 12:00am

Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

She’s BAAACCKKK!! After 10
days in
London and Paris, Kaci Machacyk is back and ready to headline her Live
Music Night!!

Come enjoy a night of
dancing, singing and great music with Tommy Vinci, Kenny Davidsen, and Phil

PROFESSIONAL singers, come in
and chill OR Kaci can pull you onstage to sing a few songs!! PROFESSIONAL
musicians, come in and chill OR bring your instruments and Kaci will pull you
up to jam! We LOVE sharing our stage!

This is NOT AN OPEN MIC. This
is a night of live music and professional musicians. Tracks? Never! This is
LIVE music, baby!

Get your butt to the Queen
Victoria Pub this Tuesday and enjoy some great food, great drinks, dancing and

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