Wednesday, September 14, 2011

May Contain Recycled Material

Welcome to a newer feature her at the 'Cave of Cool' where I repost brilliant comments I have made on other people's blogs. It's a slick and easy way to post but strangely I feel no shame about that. I also hope to highlight some of the blogs I visit on a regular basis.

I have joined up with those hip kids over at 'Cultural Compulsive Disorder' and will be doing some guest posts over there on a regular basis. My first one is up there now. It's an Image Avalanche repost. I hate it. All the pictures should be the same size I think. Or is it okay to leave the pics the size they are when I found them? I don't know. I also wish I could identify more of the artists who did the work. Or maybe the artists should make it easier to identify their stuff. It keeps me from seeking out more of their art.

This comment came from Byzantium Shores. My buddy Jaquandor was talking about the ennui of losing a follower and how much it annoys him that they didn't tell him why they left. I feel his pain. Y'all know this is one of my pet peeves.

Welcome to my world.

I do get annoyed when someone unfollows me. I don't get it. Unfollowing, just like following takes effort when you can just leave it alone and let me feel good about myself.

You don't like me? Don't visit. But also don't rub my nose in the fact you are leaving and then not tell me why. It's the hallmark of a psychotic personality.

I lost a Mormon follower once for making jokes about 'magic underwear'. Now that person I can respect. They actually took the time to tell me why I sucked and why they would be unfollowing me.

I feel bad about that one. I lost the 'Mormons without a sense of humor about themselves' block of followers. Damn. They have big families and that would have been a goldmine in daily visits.

Outsmarted myself again.

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