Saturday, September 17, 2011

Redheaded Magpie

Fast sketch of a friend of mine.
People sometimes feel irritated by her nonstop blathering and her wild gesticulating hands which regularly knock over wine glasses or flower vases.

But I like her. She is special, different from others and never boring.
She begged me not to paint her freckles.
I didn't, but I like her freckles.
I always wanted to have some.

from Joe's Blog

This is Joe. She does great art with a funky twist that you will appreciate the more you get into her collection and her style.

Interesting people doing funky things in funky cloths are the kind of people I am happy to populate my world with. Check out her blog. European class and style. It doesn't hurt that she is beautiful and lives in my all time most favorite place in the world - Germany, near Bremen.

As an army brat we travelled and lived many places, including five years in Europe. Lahr was my Dad's posting. As a student we all went to Bremmen on a field trip to visit the statue of the musicians in the main square. The Musician of Bremen. They are based on a fairy tale by the Brother's Grimm. I need to talk to Joe and do a larger post about that important story. I know she HAS TO have been raised with it.

Well now that I know she visits here too. Yaaaaa.

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