Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sitta Sings The Blues

It really feels good to share this film with the followers of the 'Cave of Cool'. Interesting pieces of culture like this gem don't come around everyday. That is why watching them is a singularly thrilling experience.

I thank Darius for turning me onto this piece of art. Go check him out at Adventures in Nerdliness to learn more about this project. After that, do what I did. Post this on your blog and turn others onto the cool vibe that it puts out. Anything so pro-humanity is something we all should be eager to share.

Darius was the first person I ever asked permission to 'borrow' an image off his blog. Way back when the 'Cave' was less 'refined'. He was very cool with me and encouraged my interest in blogging. In a week where I am honoring the sites that inspire me, Adventures In Nerliness stands alone and it should. In the same way that you never forget your first companion, you never forget your gateway drug.

I post the embedded file of Sitta Sings The Blues so that I can watch it again myself. When I see something like this I am given hope. Take your enlightenment where you find it.

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