Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where Is A Situation Comedy About Roller Derby Girls In My Life

I was in Walmart the other day and while I waiting for my prints this girl came in and the guy behind the counter started talking to her about passport photos and the like and somehow the conversation between them got around to Roller Derby (?).

He talked the talk and five minutes later had me (and her) convinced he was a legit ref in a western Canadian Roller Derby League. I sat there fascinated by their conversation. She was cute and curvy and if someone had said the world 'roller derby' to me, I would have immediately but her and those two words together in my mind. It was like he read her mind and knew exactly what she wanted to talk about and that topic just happened to be Roller Derby.

It was like a little playlet being acted out in front of me. He wasn't a great looking guy but I could see how he could get the kind of girls that I would enjoy dating. I should start following this guy around. I think I could learn alot from him.

By the time she left he had her number and she had his card and I was half planning to see if she showed up at the bar he said he was going to be later that evening.

And he works at Walmart Photo.

I am pathetic.

Roller Derby Girl by Mindy Lee

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